Hello! My name is Ben Glover and I am a natural awareness and mindfulness meditation teacher.

Meditation has been an important part of my life for the last decade, ever since a friend introduced me to the work of Ram Dass. I became fascinated with his seminal book Be Here Now, and from that moment on my passion for these practices deeply developed. 


I come from a creative background, being a singer/songwriter/touring artist for over fifteen years. My artistic path very much runs alongside that of being a meditation teacher, as both are rooted in self-exploration and the intention to connect with and express what feels most real to me. Mindfulness meditation has taught me how to be fully engaged with whatever I am experiencing right now in this moment. It is from this place of presence that we can reconnect to the peace, clarity and wisdom that I believe is truly innate in all of us.


Over the years I have seen how meditation and mindfulness have had such a positive influence in a lot of areas in my life. Meditation became a way for me to navigate daily challenges. It also certainly led me to be a much more calm, centred and happier person. Suffice to say I believe strongly in these practices! I see them as medicine and am compelled to share them with people.


This is a wonderful time to be alive but it also has its fair share of anxiety. We’re living in a world that seems to be getting increasingly noisy and frantic. We are being inundated with information and opinions from news channels and social media. We are living a world that is lost in thought, lost in distraction. It’s so easy then for us to get caught in all the swirling of both the internal and external world. The tools of mindfulness and meditation is a transformative way to simply be with all the experiences that we encounter and bring an awareness and awakened response to them.




As well as in-person classes I offer private online one-on-one sessions. Each private class is usually about 45-60 minutes in length, tailored to your personal needs and interests. As well as one-on-one sessions I also offer group teaching in community and business settings. 

I am a native of Glenarm, County Antrim in N.Ireland but currently reside in Nashville Tennessee.

I am a certified through the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP), led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, a two year professional training program for teaching awareness and compassion-based practices. 


Looking forward to connecting with you wherever you are in the world and explore how we can work together to Be Still Aware Awake.


Warm wishes,