“Ben introduced me to mindfulness shortly after the COVID lockdown began in the UK and it has been great to have a weekly session to focus on in these strange times. Each session is personalised and he really takes the time to understand what is going to help me each week based on the conversations we have. He always takes time to explain the science as well as the more spiritual roots of the meditations we do and this helps me connect more with mindfulness practice. As someone who is completely new to mindfulness, he makes me feel comfortable and this allows me to focus on the meditation free from judgement.”

SC (Reading, England)

“A return to balance and calm in turbulent times with a guide who is grounded and authentic and has a natural ability to bring you to a safe space to be to able process it all. A powerful and effective practice for me.” 

CM (County Antrim, N.Ireland) 

“Ben has a calm demeanor and a steadiness that helps you feel at ease. His ability to connect with the material allows you to get into the flow of the meditations. That, combined with his soothing voice, and lovely accent, helps you get to a place of calm, so you can be with the experience in the moment. I have years of meditation experience, and working with him has opened the world of meditation up to me in a much deeper way.” 

SL (Nashville, USA)

“Being someone who finds it very difficult to empty my mind, I was a bit unsure if this was for me. However, during my first session, I felt totally relaxed and at peace. I have since been trying it on my own with surprising success. Looking forward to more sessions to improve my technique.”

LF (Glasgow, Scotland)

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Ben Glover

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